Zimbabwe, a nation that’s mired in corruption and by any normal measure is bankrupt, is looking for some $690 million (€632m) for its 2020 budget year in order to finance its media sector.
Harare local newspaper, The Herald, is reporting that the cash is needed to ensure that citizens and international audiences receive news and information.
Past attempts at raising cash have involved seeking aid from South African sources and Russia.

The amount was revealed during Zimbabwe’s Opening of Parliament and a ‘State of the Nation’ address by President Mnangagwa and as part of his legislative agenda for the coming session. One Bill he discussed would enforce freedom of information and access to information.

The Herald reported that $2.7 million had been donated by India to upgrade Zimbabwe’s technology centres.

Earlier, Ministry of Information, Publicity & Broadcasting secretary Nick Mangwana appeared before a parliamentary committee on technology and said other ministries and government institutions were continuously failing to pay the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Services for services rendered.

Source: ZimTech Review

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