The Wimbledon Championships tennis tournament is to be streamed in 4K resolution and high dynamic range colour (HDR) to UK viewers by the BBC.
It will follow a current trial in which World Cup football matches are being shown via iPlayer using the next-generation TV technologies.
However, this time the BBC also plans to make select matches available in 4K – but not HDR – to Sky Q customers.

One expert said the tech offered huge benefits but had not been glitch-free.
“The World Cup streams have suffered a few technical teething problems – stuttering and buffering with some devices,” said John Archer, a TV reviewer for Forbes and Techradar.
“[There have also been] a few issues with adapting effectively to broadband speeds that are close to the BBC’s 40Mbps and 20Mbps streaming quality ‘tiers’.
“When the streams have worked well, though, the results have been spectacular.”

The reaction on social media has also been largely positive, although some have reported problems.

Source: The BBC

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