Pay TV service VuTV is to close down after initial carriage agreements with broadcasters come to an end.
The service, which was operated by Synapse TV and available to viewers with compatible connected Freeview devices, offered a collection of channels including History, CNN and Nickelodeon for a monthly fee of £6.99.

Limitations in the streaming technology used by Freeview devices meant that, unlike the internet channels offered by BT and TalkTalk, programmes could not be paused, rewound or recorded.
In a statement the firm said: “We have been running VuTV for a nearly two years and the initial agreements with our channel providers are coming to an end.

“Having reviewed progress, we’ve been unable to find a viable way to continue the service.
“As a result, VuTV will be closing on Thursday 22 October 2015 and we are no longer accepting any new subscribers.”
News of the platform’s closure comes just days after a new generation of internet connected Freeview devices went on sale.

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By Expat