UTv Ireland will consider moving its flagship evening news programme to an earlier slot to salvage disappointing viewing figures.
Viewer numbers for Ireland Live, fronted by Alison Comyn and Chris Donoghue (above), have been poorer than anticipated. It captured just 2pc of the market in the first two weeks of January.
The show’s 6.30pm slot – long after TV3 and RTE’s evening news programmes have started – has been blamed.

Station bosses are now mulling a scheduling move. They would prefer to take on TV3’s popular 5.30pm show which has 220,000 peak viewers, over RTE’s Six One, which broadcasts at 6.01pm.
Nothing has been decided yet, head of channel Mary Curtis said.

UTV Ireland’s management are far happier with overall figures. The station was watched by 7.2pc of the peak-time market in January, edging in front of TV3 which had 7pc. RTE One was far ahead though, with a 27.6pc share.

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By Expat