As of Monday, November 4 2013, UTV HD is available on both the Sky and Freesat platforms. It means viewers on those platforms will be able to enjoy top shows such as X Factor, Coronation Street and Emmerdale in high definition. Sky HD viewers can find UTV HD on channel 103 and on Freesat channel 119. Michael Wilson, Managing Director, UTV Television had previously said: “Our Sky and Freesat viewers will be able to enjoy a new dimension to their viewing, with even greater picture clarity on UTV HD. “Bringing HD to these two additional platforms represents a significant investment by UTV and one which we think our viewers will enjoy immensely. “All of the favourite big name programmes will now be available in HD on Sky and FreeSat, including X Factor, Coronation Street and Emmerdale. “Our audience can look forward to watching the UEFA Champions’ League and FA Cup games, as well as local favourites like Lesser Spotted Culture – all in HD.”

Viewers outside Northern Ireland, can find UTV HD on the following frequency:
Transponder 63 11053 H
SR: 22000FEC: 5/6
Astra 2F UK Spotbeam

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By Expat