ofcomDigital television take-up in UK households has reached 92.6%, up by 3.1 percentage points year on year, according to Ofcom figures for the third quarter of 2010.
Consumers are continuing to convert additional sets in the home—almost three-quarters (74%) of all secondary TV sets had been converted to digital by the end of June 2010, according to the Digital Television Update report. This was up by 6.7 percentage points in a year and also up by 3.3 percentage points quarter on quarter.

Taking these figures together, 82.4% of all TV sets had converted to digital television by the end of Q3 2010. The remaining 17.6% of sets continue to receive analogue terrestrial broadcasts.
The survey also identified sales of DTT-enabled equipment reached 2.5 million units in Q3, this total was down by 12% on Q3 2009. Integrated digital television sets (IDTVs) accounted for almost 76% of sales in the quarter (1.9 million units). In the year to Q3 2010 13.7 million DTT units (IDTVs and set-top boxes) were sold, compared to 13.4 million in the previous year.
Ten million homes (39.1%) claimed that DTT was their primary means of digital TV reception. 1.6 million homes claimed to have access to some form of free-to-view digital satellite device on any set in the home, according to the report.
Almost 9.4 million (36.8% of homes) received pay-satellite TV services, up 1.8 percentage points year on year while 13.1% of homes took cable television, up from 12.4% a year before.

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