That’s TV signals intent to continue its diversification with application to Ofcom for a licence to broadcast a film channel on satellite and Freeview.
After launching multiple music channels across satellite and Freeview, That’s TV latest Ofcom broadcast licence request sees That’s TV preparing to launch a channel called ‘That’s Cinema’.

The channel replaces That’s TV’s previously planned That’s Reality channel, which was licenced by Ofcom last year but never materialised. The licence has now been reassigned to That’s Cinema. That’s TV hasn’t yet commented on the expansion plans, however it has previously also received licences from Ofcom for new 2000s and 2010s music channels, as well as a comedy channel. These also haven’t yet started broadcasting.

In line with the rest of That’s TV’s content, any new channel is expected to rely heavily on older movies. That’s TV has already successfully struck a number of deals to bring back older TV classics on its main UK-wide channel, including The Goodies, The Mrs Merton Show and Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

That’s TV expansion
Meanwhile, That’s TV’s UK service is expected to arrive on Virgin Media shortly, after establishing itself on Freeview, Freesat and Sky.

The current That’s TV UK service, which is also simulcast on its local channel network, offers a hybrid service containing elements of the different formats That’s TV has broadcast licences for.

For example, That’s TV UK broadcasts music from the 60s, 70s and 80s during various points of the day, providing a sample of what’s on its music channels That’s 60s, That’s 70s and That’s 80s.

It’s already established a comedy strand each evening, broadcasting Benidorm, It Ain’t Half Hot Mum and Till Death Us Do Part, which could provide a sample of what any comedy channel operated by That’s TV may offer.

And in terms of Reality TV, That’s TV offers shows including Club Reps and Jerry Springer.

According to the broadcaster’s latest financial accounts, the growing number of That’s TV channels subsidises the broadcaster’s local news provision. It has also been acquiring a number of Freeview and Sky channel positions from third parties.

Source: RXTV

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