more4More4 is a digital television channel, run by British broadcaster Channel 4, that launched on 10 October 2005. It is carried on Freeview, on satellite broadcasters Freesat and Sky, UK IPTV broadcaster TalkTalk TV and on UK cable network Virgin Media and in the Republic of Ireland cable networks including UPC.
More4 centres around lifestyle, documentary, and arts programming, and competes with the BBC’s similar offering, BBC Four. More4 airs from 9:00 am until about 3:00 am. The channel’s annual budget is £33 million, of which £20 million is earmarked for original programming. Peter Dale, Channel 4’s current head of documentary events and the new channel’s chief said it would be “television that restarts the conversation”.

To encourage new viewers to try the new service, Channel 4 moved its first-run showing of The West Wing, showing season 6 and 7 back to back, from its sister digital station E4 to More4 and Without a Trace from Channel 4. The channel also carries (or has carried) other American imports such as The Daily Show, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and repeats of Channel 4 programmes including game show Deal or No Deal, reality TV show Brat Camp, investigative series Dispatches, and the controversial BodyShock. Daytime content includes classic films and reruns of shows such as Hill Street Blues and ER.

The channel also carries Morgan Spurlock’s reality TV show 30 Days and American dramas such as The Closer. The channel featured a nightly discussion programme Starkey’s Last Word hosted by David Starkey during the Autumn line-up. This show was originally called The Last Word and hosted alternately by Stanley Johnson, Mark Dolan, Hardeep Singh Kohli and David Mitchell and occasional special guest hosts such as Morgan Spurlock.
On midweek days, it shows hour long and feature length documentaries including Channel 4’s Cutting Edge films.
Having shown all five weekday editions of The Daily Show since More4’s launch, in January 2011 the channel scaled back its commitment to one episode a week in order to increase investment in its arts programming.
There are plans to launch More4 HD, though no launch date has yet been announced.
From January 2012, More4 will get a whole new look.

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