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All 4All 4 is a Video On Demand (VOD) and live streaming service from Channel 4 Television. The service launched on Monday March 30, 2015, replacing 4oD.

All 4 has an extensive list of features for PC, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, with an Android version to follow later this year (2015).
All current 4oD applications and services will be rebranded with All 4’s design and logo, though it will still offer the same on demand offering as the current 4oD service.
Those with iOS devices, PCs or laptops will gain access to a large number of significant changes, including live streams of the Channel 4 channels.
High Definition (HD) content is not available on All 4.

The main hub is now split into three sections:

  • On Demand, giving access to catch-up TV shows that have been on recently and entire back catalogue “box sets”. You can also watch online exclusive shorts from this section.
  • The Now menu, is limited to live TV on tablets and smartphones. Users can watch any of the current broadcasts from any of the Channle 4 channels, they caneven streamed over 3G or 4G.
    This section is better viewed on a computer as it offers additional features and related content. News clips will appear under Now, and there will be interactive elements on the browser version in future.
  • The third section available on the home screen is “On Soon”. This is where future content will be flagged, whether it is coming up on TV or straight on to the VOD platform.
    Additional content will be made available here, including trailers and access to previous programmes and those to be aired in the future.
    The desktop version also includes an extra “Remind Me” feature where, once signed in, viewers are notified when a programme is due to start.



Bitrates on All 4

All 4- PlayerVideo quality on All 4 varies greatly depending on which platform content is being viewed, at best, quality can reach halfway between SD and HD quality, around 2400 kbps on Samsung Smart TVs.

On computers, video quality on All 4  depends on when content was added to their catalogue, the oldest programmes seem to be in low quality, while more recent additions are close enough to standard definition to enjoy even on the largest of computer screens. The average bitrates on All 4  are around 1530 kbps for newer content, this is more or less standard definition.

On iOS devices, All 4  content has an average bit rate of 1320 kbps, this is quite adequate for the iPhone, iPad and for using AirPlay.
On Android devices the average bitrate on All 4  is around 1810 kbps.
On Xbox One the average bitrates are around 1720 kbps
On NOW TV/Roku devices Video quality is good, though not the best All 4  has to offer. On average bitrates are around 1790 kbps which was slightly higher than standard definition.

The highest bitrates and Video quality are available on Samsung Smart TVs. Channel 4 have not disclosed details on the bitrate they use.
On average bitrates average between 1600 kbps and 2400 kbps.

Although not quite HD, content on All 4  is around half way between the BBC’s SD streams (1500 kbps) and their HD streams (3200 kbps).

Channel 4 Live Streams
Channel 4 Live
Channel 4 live streams of their channels through the On Now section, offering surprisingly good video quality even at full screen.
The average bitrate is around 820 kbps, this is sub-SD video quality.
Live streams are available are:



Subtitles are available for most All 4  content. If subtitles are available an “S” button will be visible in the video player. Click on the “S” and the subtitles will load and be displayed.
Not all of the content will have subtitles. And subtitles may become available at a later date after the programme has been available.


Parental Controls & PIN

Guidance on All 4Your PIN can be set at one of two levels: All rated content (16+ years of age only) or 18 rated content only (18+ years of age only).
If you choose to set it for All rated content (16+), then anyone wishing to view content suitable only for users over 16 years of age will need the PIN.
If you choose to set it at 18 rated content (18+), then anyone wishing to view content suitable only for users over 18 years of age will need the PIN.

Your PIN will be required in order to view rated content each time you log on to but only once per session. You’ll have to enter your PIN for each programme you want to view, but you can watch as many episodes of that programme you like without being prompted for your PIN again (until you close your browser to end your session).

If you share your PIN with, or allow your PIN to be accessed by, anyone else and it is entered by them, then all content on will be accessible, including 18 rated content suitable only for adults. provides access to content reflecting the broad range of Channel 4’s programmes which may be unsuitable for younger viewers.
In order to help you control access to the content on from your computer, they have provided a PIN (Personal Identification Number) system.

This will enable you to set a PIN to prevent anyone viewing the content you choose to restrict access to. You may find this helpful to ensure children and younger viewers in your household can only view content that is appropriate for them.


DRM – Digital Rights Management

DRM stands for Digital Rights Management, which is a software system used to administer and protect the licences of video, music and other assets in a digital environment.
All 4 uses Adobe’s RTMP-E solution to prevent unauthorised access to Channel 4 programmes.


Minimum operating requirements to watch All 4

For All 4 programmes and video clips the video is viewed in flash, and therefore you will need to have Adobe Flash 10.2 or higher. Mac users will need Adobe Flash 10.
You can download Flash at (opens in a new window). Some of our Flash video, (mainly short-form video clips across and, is delivered using the Brightcove platform and video player, and you can see the systems requirements on their website: Brightcove

(opens in a new window)

For the best possible user experience Channel 4 recommend that you have the following:

  • Latest version of Microsoft Windows or OSX.
  • A broadband internet connection.

Channel 4 recommend use of the service with the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
  • Firefox latest versions of 2.0 or 3.0
  • Safari – latest version.

The site will work with other browsers, but the user experience may not be as satisfactory.
Javascript should be turned on in your browser.
Cookies enabled (Internet Explorer security settings set to medium).

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