Telenor Satellite Broadcasting, the satellite facilities and capacity leasing business, had revenues of NOK227 million (€24.o6m), a fall of NOK10 million compared with Q1/2016 (NOK237 million). Satellite Broadcasting’s operating profit for the quarter year was NOK60 million, down from NOK71 million last year (and NOK103 million on the 2015 position).

Telenor’s Canal Digital DTH service enjoyed revenues of NOK 1,099 million, a fall from NOK1,147 million last year. This translated to an operating profit of NOK151 million, as against NOK198 last year.

Management’s statement, which accompanied the numbers said: “Telenor Satellite has entered into a financial lease arrangement for transponders. The arrangement commenced on April 1st 2017, and

Telenor will recognise a one-time gain of approximately NOK 0.3 billion in the second quarter of 2017.”

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By Expat