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European Music Channels
1BM (Latvia) AlbMUSIC (Albania) Baraza TV HD Greek (Greece)
1BM is a television station in Riga, Latvia, providing Baltic Music. The channel is 100% interactive, audience participation helps shape programming. AlbMUSIC is an Albanian music channel. The channel focuses on Albanian and international music.
Albanian music worldwide.
Baraza TV Greek is a Greek music channel based in Thessaloniki, Greece.
The channel focuses on Greek language music.
Company TV (Italy) Deluxe Music (Germany) –Unavailable Deutsches Musik Fernsehen (Germany)
Company TV is an Italian music channel based in & around the cities of Padova, Venice, Trieste, Treviso, Undine, Trento and Verona. The channel plays both Italian & international music. Deluxe Music is a German music television channel, operated by Just Music Fernsehbetriebs and owned by High View Holding. The target audience is 25-year-olds and older. Deutsches Musik Fernsehen is a digital television station dedicated to German-language music. Primarily broadcasting music videos and music programmes from the pop genre. Genres include Deutsch-Pop and Deutschrock.
Folx TV (Slovenia) GO-TV (Netherlands) Hip Hop TV (Italy)
Folx TV is a German-language free-TV channel from Slovenia. The channel broadcasts to Germany, Austria and Switzerland, which offers musicians from the folk music scene a platform and allows them to produce music videos. GO-TV is a Feel-Good TV channel that everyone wants to feel good about. Every hour of the day a wide variety of music videos from the 60s, until now. Go-TV also keeps you informed on all the regional and national news. Hip Hop TV is an Italian music TV channel devoted to hip hop, rap and rhythm and blues music. The owner is Seven Music Entertainment, owned by Gianluca Galliani, son of Adriano Galliani.
KroneHit TV (Austria) Musig24 (Switzerland) NRJ Hits TV (Belgium)
KroneHit TV is an online music television channel run by KroneHit, a commercial radio station headquartered in Vienna, Austria. You no longer have to just listen to KroneHits, now you can watch the channel too. 24 hours playing the coolest music. Musig24 targets the 32 years plus age group and wants to be perceived as a real Swiss music station. The station primarily presents artists and musicians from Switzerland and culture from Switzerland. The channel broadcasts 24 hours a day. NRJ Hits TV is Belgium’s first and only television channel broadcasting non-stop video clips from French, Belgian and international artists 24/7. The promise is “Hit Music Only”
Radio 21 TV (Germany) Radio Monte Carlo TV (Italy) –Unavailable Radio Pilatus TV (Switzerland)
Best ROCK ‘N POP on the big screen: RADIO 21 TV is Germany’s first 24-hour radio television. RADIO 21 TV now has the entire radio program on TV. Radio Monte Carlo is considered one of the most popular networks especially in non-European Italian and French-speaking regions for its assumed neutrality. Radio Pilatus TV is a music channel owned by Radio Pilatus, a private station based in Lucerne. It operates two TV channels, Radio Pilatus TV and Radio Pilatus Beatz TV.
Sonus FM (Germany) Teins (Austria)
Sonus FM, 24/7 electronic music, from techno to tech-house and deep Live studio webcam.
Enjoy our live shows or just watch our video-playlist.
T Eins TV (Tiroler Heimat Fernsehen) is a television channel headquartered in Innsbruck, Austria. Breathtaking landscapes from the Alpine region.

North America
California Music Channel Indie Wave
California Music Channel (CMC) is an American music video broadcast television network based in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is one of the longest-running local music video television stations in the world. IndieWave is an online music portal unlike any other! IndieWave welcomes talent in all music genres to upload their music onto a new platform with the goal of exposing their red-hot gems on our vast worldwide network at no cost to the artist.

A2i TV Musique Afrobit
A2i Music is a channel of the A2i Media Groupe group. It broadcasts live musical programmes. The channels of the A2i group are intended for the Senegalese diaspora around the world. Afrobit is an African music channel that broadcasts the best videos and programmes on the continent.
AFROBIT, Feel African Music!

B4U Music (India) Cine Voice (India) Desi Channel (India)
B4U Music has been a strong platform for Bollywood film soundtracks, the revival of the golden oldies and upcoming artists.
B4U music is the leading Bollywood and Asian music television channel worldwide.
Cine Voice Channel is an HD 24X7 worldwide Punjabi Entertainment Channel which offers Punjabi genre programming.
It is focused on music, current affairs, business, entertainment, religion and culture.
Desi Channel is a venture of AG Media and is being broadcast from Punjab, India. It is an entertainment and devotional channel & is available on all the major digital platforms in India. It has very varied programming.
Dil Se (India) D Music (Cambodia) Gabruu TV (Punjabi, Australia)
Bollywood films and music from India.
Dil Se means Heart To Heart, the name is from a famous Bollywood film. Dil Se shows the best Bollywood entertainment and music.
D Music is a Cambodian music channel.
The channel plays traditional and modern Cambodian music.
The channel is part of the Cambodian DTV Network Limited. This service is available via satellite.
Gabruu is a Punjabi entertainment specific application has content ranging from religious to humorous, informative to entertaining.
Karaoke Channel (Indonesia) Kral Pop TV (Turkey) Kral Pop TV on YouTube (Turkey)
Indonesian Karaoke Channel broadcasts Karaoke music around the clock, all songs are with lyrics in the Bahasa Indonesian language. Kral TV part of the Doğuş Group. Kral TV was Turkey’s first music TV channel. Kral TV broadcast Turkish music videos introduced by on-air hosts 24/7. Kral TV part of the Doğuş Group. Kral TV was Turkey’s first music TV channel. Kral TV broadcast Turkish music videos introduced by on-air hosts 24/7.


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