Sri Lanka

Sri Lankans in the UK refers to people of Sri Lankan heritage, ethnically, they may include Sri Lankan Tamils, Sinhalese people, Burghers, and Sri Lankan Moors. Migration from Sri Lanka to the UK has been a result of historic links between the two countries and the Sri Lankan Civil War. People from Sri Lanka speak Sinhalese and Tamil.


Colombo TV

Language: Sinhalese
Satellites: Eutelsat Hotbird (13.0° East)

Colombo TV is a Sri Lankan television channel available on satellite. Launched in January 2015, this free to view TV station broadcasts programmes exclusively in the Sinhalese language.
Its stated objective is the production and distribution of dynamic content that can educate, inform and entertain viewers. Thanks to its presence on the Hot Bird satellite network, Colombo TV also has ambitions to position itself as an ambassador of Sri Lankan culture throughout the world. As such, the channel employs a very diverse schedule of programming which encompasses a wide variety of topics.

Colombo TV broadcasts two daily news bulletins, one at noon and one in the evening. These furnish viewers with accurate, real-time reporting of both national and regional news. Discussions dealing with political, social, cultural and economic affairs are also aired on Colombo TV. Besides being a reliable source of information, the channel also broadcasts pure entertainment, live or pre-recorded. These programmes aim to promote the culture and lifestyle of Sri Lanka. To give just one example, the channel features regular TV shows celebrating the traditional music of the country. At the same time, Colombo TV finds a place for drama series and other formats of programme in its schedules. These are made locally and reflect issues relevant to the everyday life of Sri Lankans.



Sri TV

Language: Sinhalese, Tamil
Satellites: Eutelsat Hotbird (13.0° East)

Sri TV is a Sri Lankan private television channel with an international vocation. Launched in 2005, it is intended to be “a bridge between Sri Lanka and the Sri Lankan diaspora in the world”.

With studios in Colombo (where its headquarters are) and in Rome, it is broadcast via satellite in Asia, Europe and North Africa.

Sri TV begins broadcasting in December 2005 at the initiative of Sri Lankan businessman Thushara Kurera and his wife Krishanthi Fernando, both keen to create a strong link between the Sri Lankans who remained at home “And those living outside national borders, but also to give a better picture of their country, which they consider to be” demonized “because of the violent actions of the Tamil Tigers of Liberation. After a difficult start, Sri TV received Italian technical assistance and began to broadcast regularly.

Chain of general format, it resumes on its antenna series, thematic programs (Adaraye ulpatha woo ammaa, program for mothers of families, Cheff Pabilis or Fun with Don, culinary programs, Heta Dawasa, political emission …), Cartoons, music (Sri hits chart show, national or Anglo-Saxon varieties, Hithamithuru Charikah, program presenting the “rising stars” of the Sri Lankan song …) and information (Sri News, Several times of the day, Puwathath Himidi Riya, a program dealing with national and international news, etc.). All programs are in Singhalese and Tamil.


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