This week Sony launched their brand new Movie Network, bringing three new channels to the Freeview Platform – Sony Movies, Sony Movies Action, and excitingly Sony Movies Christmas.

Sony Movies – Freeview Channel 32
From the Hollywood studio, Sony Movies offers the best blockbusters, classics and cult favourites, drawn from a carefully curated, contemporary library.

Offering great choices selected from a large, contemporary film library, Sony Movies has something for everyone, including the best Hollywood blockbusters, British classics, guilty pleasures, and cult favourites. Covering the full range of genres – from rom-com to hard-hitting action, summer blockbusters to critically-acclaimed indie darlings – Sony Movies provides an ever-changing mix.

Get comfortable and immerse yourself in a carefully curated film every Friday night with our Friday Night Film Club, or settle down on the sofa for the afternoon with Showtime Sunday. Most of all, come for the love of movies.

Sony Movies Action – Freeview Channel 40
Sony Movies Action is the home of high-octane action, featuring the best of war films and westerns, as well as Hollywood blockbusters and classic cinema.

In the pursuit of no-holds-barred, high-octane thrills, Sony Movies Action is the place to go. Featuring the finest films from the Golden Age of Cinema, through the maverick movies of the New Hollywood, to twenty-first-century showpieces, Sony Movies Action is the perfect channel for cinematic thrill-seekers and entertainment adrenaline junkies.

The home of action icons such as John Wayne, Robert Mitchum, Jean Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren, Sony Movies Action transports you from your sofa to the heart of the action.

Sony Movies Christmas – Freeview Channel 50
Sony Movies Christmas is the home of Christmas – starting in September! it’s fit to burst with great Christmas films, ranging from Christmas classics to hidden festive treats.

Santa and his elves aren’t the only people working hard up until Christmas. Over at Sony they have been working their stockings off to make sure that our brand new Sony Movies Christmas channel has enough Christmas content to keep you in the festive spirit before the big day.

Sony Movies Christmas has you covered from September onwards. If you’re the kind of person who has already started their Christmas shopping in September and doesn’t mind seeing the advent calendars decorations on sale in Summer, then this is the place for you. Come along for a sleigh ride, because only on Sony Movies Christmas do you get full-day schedules of your favourite Christmas movies to get you in the holiday spirit.

Including films such as Christmas with the Kranks, Christmas Eve, A Golden Christmas, Back to Christmas, and The Christmas Contract, Sony Movies Christmas is the only place to go to get that Christmas fix this September-time.

Source: Freeview

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