The Sony Movie Channel is to launch on Freesat, the free-to-air satellite platform on Tuesday 9th October 2018.

With the channels launch on Freesat, the Sony Movie Channel will be available on all major digital TV platform in the UK. During the course of the 9th October 2018, Sony Movies will be made available on Freesat channel 302, resulting in  a minor reshuffle in the film genre of the Freesat EPG.

This development follows test free-to-air transmissions in the during September, combined with a transponder move that brought it and its +1 service on to a UK spot-beam.

Prior to this, the channel was available as a ‘free-to-view’  on Sky, only available with a viewing card, such as the “freesat from Sky” card. Following the initial free-to-air tests, the channel re-encrypted,  switching back to free-to-air on 1st October 2018 in preparation for the Freesat launch.

Sony Pictures Television Networks currently broadcast to over 700 million households across Europe, the US, Latin America, Africa, Asia and Australia.

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By Expat