sky-solusWhat will this meen for you, if you do not have a Sky subscription? You will loose ITV, Channel 4 and Five. It’s time for people to protest about the impending switch off of the Solus cards. BSkyB are rubbing their hands, at the thought of all those new subscriptions of £150 per year minimum. Which gives you (Along with all the channels which are, or should be, Free to View) Sky One, Discovery Home and Leisure, QVC and Bloomberg Financial channel. -Big Deal.

The Governement Department of Culture and Media is not happy with the situation and has made it’s views known to those with the power to switch off the cards. They rightly, point out that it will turn back the clock on the move towards full digital TV by the year 2010. At the moment, there is no real power over Sky’s decision to switch off and profit.. But, if Sky doesn’t become more customer friendly, that could change. It also calls for letters to MPs and threats to cancel current Sky subscriptions.

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By Expat