This service menu gets access to what LG EZ-Adjust Menu. It can be accessed in many ways. The approved method is via a service remote. An LG Service Remote is probably the most reliable and simplest method for most owners.

Under normal TV operation, there is no need to use the EZ-Adjust menu. Using the menu is at your own personal risk, you may permanently damage or ‘brick’ your LG Television and void the warranty.

EZ-Adjust Menu

  1. Test Pattern
    Test the screens by using the range of colours available: White, Black, Red, Green and Blue.
  2. ToolOPT1_Product
  3. ToolOPT2_Power
  4. ToolOPT3_PQ/Sound
  5. ToolOPT4_Etc
  6. ToolOPT5_JackID/Key
  7. ToolOPT6_Energy/Country
  8. Area Option
  9. Continent Detail
  10. ADC Calibration
  11. White Balance
  12. 22 Point WB
  13. Sub B/C
  14. Ext. Input Adjust
  15. Wi-Fi/Magic Search
  16. Control key Rest

See: http://beau.org/~jmorris/linux/lg-hacking/ez-adjust.txt


Accessing EZ Menu

Note: A Premium GENERAL remote control was used to enter and test the EZ-Adjust menu.

1. Make sure you are using the original LG remote service remote or equivalent. An LG Magic remote can not be used to enter the EZ-Adjust menu.

2. Select a TV channel. Using the INPUT button on your remote to select the TV as the input source, then select any TV channel.
You may not be able to access the EZ-Adjust menu if you don’t do this, though on newer models it works fine on all input sources.

3. Press the ADJ button on the LG Service Remote, or on the Premium GENERAL remote SHIFT – AUX – then press and hold in 1.

4. Release the button when asked for a password.

5. Type in your TV’s password/PIN. Try using 0000 or 0413.

6. Press OK on the remote control

7. If typing in “0000” does not work, try one of the following codes: 0413, 7777, 8741, 8743, 8878


ToolOPT1_Product (1180014)

Listed under ToolOPT1_Product are the following options:

  • Inch (Default 55)
    This is the size of your TV screen, this is of course by default your correct screen size. There seems to be no reason to change this.
  • Tool (Default SM81)
    The Tool item is the base model number of the TV and can be changed through a fair range of values. What this would achieve is unclear.
  • Panel Maker (Default LGD)
    This is the manufacturer of your TV screen, here it is set to LGD (an LG manufactured screen).
    Be careful when changing this, some options result in a blank or distorted display which can make it hard to recover from.
  • Cell Type (Greyed out, set to rgb)
    This is the screen type: RGB
  • PMIC set Mode (Greyed out, set to On)
  • BackLigh Type (Default edgeLed)
    The Backlight type has the following options: edgeLed, OLED, direct_VI, direct_SKY and direct.
  • Local Dim Block 6
    Changing this option changes the yellow tool product number at the top.
  • Adjust LCD VOOM (Greyed out, set to Off)


ToolOPT2_Power (6678)

Listed under ToolOPT2_Power are the following options:

  • Audio P/W Volt (Default 13V)
  • PWM2 Duty (Default 41)
  • Max Pwm (default)
  • Scanning B/L (Greyed out, set to On)
  • BPL Current type (Greyed out, set to high BPL)
  • Power Mode Select (Greyed out, set to Off)


ToolOPT3_PQ/Sound (5601)

Listed under ToolOPT3_PQ/Sound are the following options:

  • Panel Gamut Type wcg lcd
  • Reserved On/Off
  • Support Dolby Vision HDR On/Off
  • Local Dimming On/Off
  • Audio Amp WA15-6828B 1amp
  • Speaker Watt. 10W
  • Luminance Up On/Off
  • Motion Pro Mode On/Off


ToolOPT4_Etc (65)

Listed under ToolOPT4_Etc are the following options:

  • Local Key Type onekey
  • Logo Light On/Off
  • Fan Control On/Off
  • Camera Ready not support
  • WOL On/Off
  • HDMI Switch none
  • Moving Speaker On/Off
  • Support BNO On/Off
  • Mirror Mode On/Off
  • Screen Roller Motor On/Off
  • Motion Detecting Sensor On/Off


ToolOPT5_JackID/Key (60351521)

Listed under ToolOPT5_JackID/Key are the following options:

  • Video ADC Index 1
  • Audio ADC Index 1
  • USB Count 2
  • USB 1 usb ctl2
  • USB 2 usb ctl3
  • USB 3 usb none
  • Headphones off
  • CompRCA Common on
  • CI_AP Key on
  • MARLIN_AP Key off
  • DTCP_AP Key off
  • MAC_AP Key on
  • ESN_AP Key on
  • WIDEVINE_AP Key on
  • CI_ECP_AP Key off


ToolOPT6_Energy/Country (541847305)

Listed under ToolOPT6_Energy/Country are the following options:

  • Digital Eye eye_sensor
  • Energy Star off
  • AdaptiveDim Default on
  • ECO Default Backlight 100
  • Sound Mode DTS Virtual X
  • ISF on
  • Set ID on
  • Support ATV/AV DVR on
  • DVR Ready on
  • Audio Line Out off
  • WiFi Dual_combo_mtk
  • Motion Remocon on
  • Eye Curve Derivation Initial Curve
  • EDEID_TYPE dts
  • Support WiSA off


Area Option (3122)

Listed under Area Option are the following options:

  • Continent Index 50
  • Language&Country EU
  • HW Settings EU


Continent Detail

Listed under Continent Detail are the following options:

Continent Index

  • TIME
  • LOCK
  • ETC
  • ETC2


ADC Calibration

Listed under ADC Calibration are the following options:

  • ADC Component OK
  • ADC Type OPT



White Balance

Listed under White Balance are the following options:

  • Color Temp (Cool)
  • Red Gain (168)
  • Green Gain (172)
  • Blue Gain (194)
  • Red Cut (64)
  • Green Cut (64)
  • Blue Cut (64)
  • Test Pattern (80IRE)
  • Backlight (100)


22 Point WB

Listed under 22 Point WB are the following options:

  • On/Off (On)
  • Pattern (Inner)
  • IRE (0)
  • Luminance (130)
  • Red (0)
  • Green (0)
  • Blue (0)


Sub B/C

Listed under Sub B/C are the following options:

  • Sub Brightness (128)
  • Sub Contrast (128)


Ext. Input Adjust

Listed under Ext. Input Adjust are the following options:

  • Video Map Index (1)
  • Video HDMI1 (1)
  • Video HDMI2 (2)
  • Video HDMI3 (3)
  • Video HDMI4 (4)
  • Video COMP1 (1)
  • Video COMP2 (0)
  • Video COMP3 (0)
  • Video RGB (0)
  • Video SCART FULL (0)
  • Video RCA AV1 (3)
  • Video RCA AV2 (0)
  • Video RCA AV3 (0)
  • Audio Map Index (1)
  • Audio COMP1 (1)
  • Audio COMP2 (0)
  • Audio COMP3 (0)
  • Audio RGB (0)
  • Audio SCART FULL (0)
  • Audio RCA AV1 (1)
  • Audio RCA AV2 (0)
  • Audio RCA AV3 (0)


Wi-Fi/Magic Search

Listed under Ext. Wi-Fi/Magic Search are the following options:

  • Wi-Fi : OK Search
  • Magic : OK Search


Control Key Rest

Listed under Control Key Rest are the following options:

  • Control Key OK
  • Reset


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