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Sky LogoListed on this page, are user manuals for Sky Digital (Standard Definition) receivers, Sky+ and Sky HD.
Some manuals are still missing, if you have a copy of any, or know where one can be found, please email the site.
Sky standard definition receivers, including Sky+ are no longer supplied by Sky, they can however still be purchased used and occasionally as new.
The current standard Sky receiver is Sky+ HD, this is the only receiver available for new subscribers.

The first generation of Sky+HD Digibox were produced by Thomson. Sky have since added Samsung, Pace and Amstrad as manufacturers.
The Thomson box has been discontinued and is no longer available as an A-grade/refurbished item due to its inclusion of YPbPr component video.

For connectivity with HD ready televisions, the box outputs via a HDMI connector (adapters to Digital Visual Interface are available). The receiver is High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) compliant.

Sky boxes manufactured prior to January 2008 also had analogue component connections (YPbPr), but as the HDCP copy protection cannot be applied to this type of output it is no longer included.

Traditional standard-definition (SD) connections are available via SCART and S-Video. All programming is currently output from both HDMI and SD connections, although individual broadcasters have the option to require HDCP (and therefore HDMI) in the future. The digibox also comes with a new slimline version of the Sky+ remote control.

All HD channels are broadcast in 1080i format (though the receiver can be set to scale this to 720p if the user wishes), using the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC compression standard, from Astra 2A, Astra 2B and Eurobird 1 satellites at 28.2°E and 28.5E in a the DVB transmission standard.


User Manuals for Sky Digital Receivers
If your exact Sky Digital receiver model is not available, use one of the others, all Sky Digital receivers have the same menu system.
Amstrad DRX100 User Manual (1.08 MB) PDF
Pace BSKYB2600C1 User Manual (2.14 MB) PDF
Pace DS430N, BSkyB 2500 and BSkyB 2600 User Manual (4.00 MB) PDF
Pace DS440NB and DS445NB User Manual (3.00 MB) PDF
Panasonic TU-DSB30 User Manual (12.3 MB) PDF
Sky Digibox Instruction Manual (1.0 MB) PDF
Welcome to Sky – Standard Sky Box (14.0 MB) PDF

User Manuals for Sky+
Sky+ Pace BSkyB3000 User Manual (4.49 MB) PDF
Sky+ Pace BSkyB3100 & TDS470N User Manual (3.68 MB) PDF
Sky+ User Manual for Pace models (5.15 MB) PDF
Using Your Sky+ (30.7 MB) PDF

User Manuals for Sky HD
Sky+ HD (Sky boxes DRX890, DRX890W, DRX895, DRX895W) (3.0 MB) PDF
Sky+HD (Sky box DRX780, Samsung and Pace HD boxes) (10.0 MB) PDF
Sky+ HD Quick Guide (860 KB) PDF
Welcome to the world of Sky+HD (MB) PDF

Other Sky Manuals
On Demand Manual
Sky Navigator User Instructions (1.38 MB) PDF
Sky Remote Codes (259 KB) PDF
Wireless Connector quick set up guide
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