Sky Digital FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), for Sky standard definition receivers
Please note, Sky standard definition receivers are no longer supplied by Sky.


How do I activate my viewing card?

skycardOnce the Sky Digital receiver has been installed insert the Sky card into the slot at the front of the receiver and telephone Sky’s Customer services on 08702404020.
You will be asked for the serial number and version number of the receiver along with the viewing card number.

To obtain these details go to the “Services” menu, then “System Setup”, and “System Details”.
One important point to remember is, that a “Wakeup Signal” is sent out to all cards from time to time.

If your receiver is disconnected from the mains for a period of time and not in “Standby”, your card may no longer function and require re-activation.
If for some reason you need to change your Sky receiver, you will have to call Sky’s Customer Services to have your viewing card “Married” to your new receiver.
Freesat from Sky cards will work in all receivers, though you will have to give your receiver’s detail to Sky when activating the card.


What is the Sky PIN Code?

Sky receivers make use of a PIN code to control viewing of inappropriate content and to protect recorded material on Sky+. Your PIN Code is initially set to the last 4 digits on your Sky viewing Card.

Some of the options that your Sky PIN Code can be used for are:

  • Restrict/Unrestrict U, PG, 12, 15 or 18 programmes
  • Remove Adult Channels
  • Channel restrictions: Option to Lock/Unlock each channel or lock after 8 pm
  • Prompt for a PIN on Pre-Watershed Playback
  • Prompt for PIN entry before going online
  • PIN Protect Kept Programmes
  • Spending Restriction
  • PIN required for purchases over £x

To change or disable parental control options, go to ‘Services’, ‘Parental Control’, enter your four-digit PIN code and select ‘Other restrictions’.
Here you will find the option to enable/disable PIN prompts when trying to play back a programme before watershed (Sky+/Sky+HD), to demand PIN entry before going online, PIN-protecting recorded programmes on Sky+, and to set spending restrictions.

If you have forgotten your Sky PIN, you will need to contact Sky Customer Services and have them to reset the code over-the-air. You can also reset your PIN online at Go to Sky Help Centre, look under How to… and choose ‘Manage your Sky viewing PIN’.


How do I add other ITV regions?

itv-identOnly your default ITV region will be listed on Sky’s EPG on channel 103.
The region you receive is dictated by your postal code, this information is stored on your Sky viewing card.

To watch the other regions, you must add them all manually by doing the following:
1) Press Services on your Sky remote.
2) Press 4 – System Setup.
3) Press 4 – Add Channels.
4) Type in the correct frequency, polarisation, symbol rate and FEC and press Find channels.
5) To save, highlight the desired region(s), and press the yellow button.
6) Press Select on your remote, when complete.

To view the other ITV regions, they must be added through a manual scan, then do the following:

  • Press Services
  • Press 6 – Other Channels
  • Choose the desired region and press Select.


Is a viewing card required to watch the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 & Channel 5?

All BBC, ITV, Channel 4 (with the exception of 4Music) and Channel 5 standard definition channels are Free-To-Air (FTA).


What is Free To Air (FTA)?

Free To Air services, are not encrypted and require no card or subscription for viewing. All of the BBC’s domestic TV and radio services are FTA, as are most services from ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5.


What is Free To View (FTV)?

Free To View channels do not require a subscription, the channels are however encrypted and require a card. 4Music,, London Live  and LFC TV are FTV channels.
Cards to view these channels are available under Sky’s Freesat option, cards cost £25.


What is the Installer Setup?

installermenuThe Installer Setup is not displayed in the Sky Menu.
To view the Installers Setup, do the following:
1) Press Services on your Sky remote.
2) Press 4 – System Setup
3) Press 0
4) Press 1
5) Press Select

In the Installers Menu you will find the following options:
1) LNB Setup.
2) Default Transponder
3) Telephone Settings
4) RF Outlets
5) Manual Tuning
6) New Installation


What is Sky+?

Sky+ is a satellite receiver and personal television recorder (PTR) in one. Sky+ Gives you the freedom to easily plan and record programmes for days ahead, in a matter of minutes, freeze live programmes and rewind to watch the start of a programme that you might have missed. Record one satellite channel while watching another.


How do I force a Software download on Sky?

updateTo force a software download, do the following:
1) Switch the receiver off at the mains.
2) Press and hold the Backup button on the front of the receiver
(not on the remote control).
3) Keep the Backup button held and power up the receiver.
4) After about 5-10 seconds all the lights on the front display will light up.
5) Now release the backup button. If your receiver is connected via SCART lead you will see the following on-screen message:

Updating System Software Do not disconnect from mains supply or dish
This may take up to 10 minutes
After about 10 mins your receiver will switch back into standby mode.


What connections are there on a Sky (Standard Definition) receiver?

tds470n-rear1. AC Input – From mains power supply.
2. Telephone line Connector RJ11.
3. UHF Modulator – For connection to the main TV and optional connection to the second TV.
4. TV A/V SCART – Provides either composite or RGB and composite video output. Audio volume can also be controlled in software.
5. VCR A/V SCART – VCR Scart for connection to Video Recorder.
6. Analogue Audio Outputs – An important addition for users wishing to integrate the set-top box into their home audio system. Volume can be adjusted or muted under software control.
7. S-Video Connector – For high-quality connection to plasma monitors or Recorders.
8. SP-DIF – For connection to home Dolby Digital amplifier.
9. RS232 – Serial port connector for service and factory use only.
10. RF Input – Twin IF inputs to connect to dual LNB at the dish.
11. Power Socket


What is the Default Transponder?

installer-sd2When a Sky digital receiver is first switched on it will automatically search for the ‘Default Transponder’, this is where Sky’s Electronic Programme Guide or EPG is situated.

By default, this is set to:
Transponder 4
Frequency: 11.778
Polarisation: Vertical
Symbol Rate: 27500
FEC: 2/3

To change the default transponder:

  • Press Services on your Sky remote
  • Press 4 – System Setup
  • Press 0
  • Press 1
  • Press Select
  • Enter new frequency, Polarisation, Symbol Rate and FEC if required
  • Press the GREEN button to save the new settings
  • Press the SKY button to exit all menus


What is Videoguard?

NDS-videoguardNDS Videoguard is the Conditional Access System (CAS), used by Sky for encrypting channels on the Sky Digital platform.

The Videoguard encryption system is “embedded”, built into Sky receivers, there are at present, no Conditional Access Modules (CAMs) available for the Videoguard system used by Sky Digital.
Versions of NDS Videoguard are used by many satellite platforms worldwide.


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