Sky+ HDD Upgrade

Though upgrading a Sky+ receiver is a re lately safe and easy procedure, the Astra 2 Website would like to make all readers aware of the following:
By following the information below, you will void the warranty of your Sky+ receiver.

This Website accepts no responsible for any damage caused to your Sky+ box receiver. Upgrade at your own risk.
Upgrading your Sky+pr Sky HD receiver is not officially supported or approved by Sky Digital, Pace Micro, Amstrad or Thomson.
You perform the upgrade entirely at you own risk and are responsible for any damage caused to yourself or your Sky+ receiver while following the upgrade procedure.

Before powering down the Sky+ receiver, turn off Instant Rewind in the Sky+ Setup menu, then disconnect the various wires at the back of the unit, unscrew the three black crosshead screws at the rear and remove the top cover – it’s an unusually tight fit, and you’ll need to spread the sides apart a little so that the flanges clear the base of the casing.

The photos on this page are all courtesy of Jerome.

Step by step Guide to upgrading Sky+
Step 1
Unplug all connectors from the Sky+ receiver.
Remove the top cover by removing the 3 crosshead screws.

Step 2
Detach the hard drive IDE cable and power connectors.
Disconnect the drive carrier from the motherboard, the three pin cooling fan connection, the IDE cable, and the power supply. All the sockets are keyed, so the connections can’t be replaced incorrectly, and the plugs should slip out without applying significant force.

Step 3
Remove the 4 rubber mount screws.

Step 4
Tilt the drive up and remove the screw (with earth wire attached) to release the drive from the box.

Step 5
Remove screws to release the mounting plates.

Step 6
Attach both mounting plates to the new hard drive.

Step 7
Tilt the drive back into the box and secure the 4th screw which has the earth cable.

Step 8
Secure the 4 rubber mount screws.

Step 9
Reconnect power and IDE cables, then replace the receivers cover.
Once everything is reconnected and assembled, you will have to perform a Full System Reset (from the Services menu, press 4 0 1 Select 8) and wait until the unit restarts itself after a few minutes. Wait another couple of minutes before turning the box on again, and then have a fiddle about to make sure that everything seems to be working. Re-enable “Instant Rewind”, re-create any series links if necessary.


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