Playback on Sky HD

Playing back recordings on Sky HD

sky+hdTo watch a rated programme before its normal watershed time, you need to enter your PIN, times are shown below.
18 – before 9 pm
15 – before 8 pm
12 – before 8 pm
PG – if a PIN has been set up for this rating
U – if a PIN has been set up for this rating.
You can go into your Sky Guide pages without interrupting playback and the Mini TV will show the programme so you will not miss anything (audio only in full-screen mode). if you rewind, fast forward or are in slow motion mode when you go into the Sky Guide pages, this action stops and the programme starts playing back from that point. Press Sky to leave the Sky Guide pages and go back to watching your recording programme in full screen.


Choosing a programme to view

All recordings are stored in your Personal Planner, press TV GUIDE on your remote, then GREEN.
1 Go to your Planner.

2 Highlight the recorded programme and press play or select, the Playback screen appears and you may need to enter your PIN.
3 Use the left/right arrow to choose your starting point: Start – plays the recording from the beginning. End – plays back the last 10 seconds of the recording. This is handy if you want to check the whole programme was recorded. Last Viewed – joins the recording where it was stopped last time you watched it. User Defined – lets you choose where you want it to start (for example, press 2 to start playback two minutes into the recording). Bookmark – starts playback from bookmarks you have set.
4 Press select or play when you’re ready to start the programme.


Picking up from where you left the last recording
If you have not finished watching the last recording you played back, simply press PLAY to return to where you left off. Your Planner appears with the relevant programme highlighted, as long as the recording still exists and was not played back to the end last time. To start playback from here, press PLAY or SELECT. To see how long you have left until the end of the recording, press SELECT to display the Now, Next & Later banner. This shows you the remaining viewing time in minutes. Press BACK UP to remove the banner.


Fast Forwarding and Rewinding
Press FAST FORWARD or REWIND to move to a different place in the recorded programme. The FAST FORWARD/REWIND symbol appears, showing the elapsed time and the speed. You can increase the speed by pressing FAST FORWARD or REWIND repeatedly. There are four-speed settings to choose from x2, x6, x12, x30. If you want to decrease the speed, press the opposite button.


Press the pause button to freeze the screen while you’re playing, fast forwarding or rewinding a programme. The Pause symbol appears on-screen.


Slow Motion
To play a programme in slow motion, press and hold PLAY for two seconds. Press PLAY again to carry on in normal time.


Stopping Playback
To stop playback and go back to the channel you were watching before, press STOP or the SKY BUTTON. To stop and go to your Planner, press BACK UP. Playback also stops if you change channels or go into full-screen listings such as TV Guide.



When you are watching a recorded programme and you see something you want to bookmark, press PAUSE and then the RED button. The Bookmarked symbol appears in the corner of the screen. Press PLAY to carry on watching the programme. To see all bookmarks within a recording, press PAUSE then the GREEN button when you are playing it back. A list of bookmarks appears, showing their place in the programme.
• Highlight a bookmark to see a short reminder clip of 10 seconds.
• To play the recording from the highlighted bookmark, press select.
• To remove the highlighted bookmark, press the yellow button (Delete). If the programme is PIN-protected you’ll need to enter the PIN to see the bookmark clip.
To go to the next bookmark while you are playing back a recording, press and hold REWIND or FAST FORWARD until the screen skips to the next bookmark. The Skip Forward/Back symbol appears in the corner of the screen.

You can start playing a recording directly from a bookmarked place, as follows:

  1. Go to your Planner.
  2. Select the recording that contains bookmarks.
  3. In the Playback screen, press the left/right arrow until you see Bookmark followed by its place in minutes from the start of the programme.
    Keep pressing the arrow to see each bookmark and its place in the programme.
  4. Press select or play when you see the bookmark you want. Playback starts at that bookmarked point in the programme.


Copying programmes to video/DVD

To free up space on the hard disk or in your Planner, you can copy recorded programmes onto video or DVD. While copying, you can watch the recording being copied but you can not watch any other programme. HD programmes are copied in standard definition quality. Copy to your video/DVD recorder as follows:

  1. Make sure your video/DVD recorder is set up properly.
  2. Go to your Planner.
  3. Highlight the recorded programme you want to copy.
  4. Press left/right until you see the Copy option at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Press the GREEN button (Copy). You can select as many programmes as you like.
  6. 6 When you have made your choice, press select.
  7. Press record on your video/DVD recorder then press select again on your Sky+HD remote control. Copying starts and after a few seconds the Copy screen appears, showing you the titles in order of selection with their length in minutes. This is to help you keep track and label your tapes/DVDs.
    You see an information screen for each programme before the entire recording is played back. Please wait until copying is complete before using your Sky±HD box again.
    To cancel at any time, press any button.
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