Freesat from Sky

fsfsFreesat from Sky is free digital satellite TV and radio service, for a one-off payment, if you already have a Sky installation, you will only require a viewing card which costs £25. If you are a former Sky subscriber, with the current white card in your receiver, you already have Freesat from Sky.
If you have a Sky+ or Sky+HD receiver, the recording features will not work with a Freesat from Sky card.

There are many other channels you will be able to see including all those from the BBC, ITV and Channel 4, along with CNN, Sky News and many more. All these channels are Free-To-Air (FTA) and do not require either a Sky card or a Sky receiver. There are fewer and fewer channels that require a Freesat from Sky card, so there is little or no incentive to join the service. The PVR function on Sky+ HD is not free for Freesat from Sky customers, so you can not record any programmes on your receiver without paying a monthly fee to Sky.

The Freesat from Sky card will give you access to the following free-to-view channels: 4Music LFC TV Motors TV Sony Entertainment Television Sony Entertainment Television +1 Sony Movie Channel Sony Movie Channel +1


Competition from other platforms

Freesat from Sky is a competitor to Freeview as well as to the BBC and ITV Freesat service also broadcasting from 28.2° east. Freesat from Sky has five Free to View channels (FTV) not available on Freesat and a large number of free-to-air channels, including Sky News. Some Freeview channels are available on Sky, though they are subscription only, so not available via Freesat from Sky.

At some point, the remaining FTV channels will either join a package or go FTA.

How to get Freesat from Sky
usingsky+hdTo order Freesat from Sky call 08442 410 595 and select option 2, lines open daily 8.30am to 11 pm, or at most electrical retailers including Comet, John Lewis, Hughes, Bennets, and independent electrical and satellite specialists.

If you already have a Sky receiver and dish installed, all you need to gain access to the free channels available on the digital satellite platform is a Freesat from Sky viewing card, which costs £25. To purchase a viewing card, phone Sky on 08448 244 400. If you wish to access the interactive services available, you will also need a working landline.

The Freesat from Sky offer includes a standard Sky receiver (currently a Sky+ HD receiver), a mini-dish, remote control and a Freesat from Sky viewing card – the same equipment as Sky TV subscribers. Standard installation of your equipment is also included. All the equipment is yours to keep. Please note, the PVR function is not activated for Freesat from Sky customers, you will have to pay a monthly fee to use this function.

Sky Viewing Card
skycardFreesat from Sky differentiates itself from Freesat not just by its use of Sky equipment but by offering both free-to-air and free-to-view channels. A card is included with installation or can be purchased directly from Sky.

For security reasons, the viewing cards are deactivated from time to time and reception of the encrypted free-to-view channels disabled. This requires the user to purchase a new viewing card at the current standard charge.
Sky viewing cards used to access subscription services revert to acting as fSfS viewing cards upon cancellation of the subscription. The viewing card also ensures the correct region for regionalized services for BBC One, BBC Two, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5. The current white viewing cards, are expected to be the last, there is now little use or demand for free-to-view channels. Many former free-to-view channels are now free-to-air.

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