Sky LogoSky will launch a new device on November 18th, it has confirmed, though very little detail on the new device has been released.
Instead, it’s put out a teaser trailer to build hype, with the promise that the mystery device will “set your TV free”. The forthcoming device called SkyQ, is  said to be Sky’s 4K set-top box.

Over the summer, BT introduced its own 4K sports channel, so Sky won’t want to be seen to be lagging behind.
The device is also said to have a more visual user interface. According to sources speaking to the Telegraph over the summer, Sky is going for an “Apple and Netflix-style experience”, rather than its current, text-heavy menu. It will also reportedly let you record and watch “at least” four programmes at the same times.

Users  also reportedly be able to watch and record on your mobile, laptop, tablet or desktop, which is likely what’s referred to by the “set your TV free” tagline. Though exactly how this will differ from Sky Go remains to be seen.

Like YouView, SkyQ is said to blur the line between live broadcast TV, recorded content and on-demand offerings.

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By Expat