Sky Q Logo SilverSky has updated its next generation entertainment system, Sky Q, with new features including ‘auto play’ functionality and an improved ‘top picks’ section.
Sky said the changes, the first software release for Sky Q, are designed to make it easier for users to find and watch their favourite TV shows – including “episode after episode” of boxsets.

The auto play function means that the next episode of a show automatically starts playing 30 seconds after one has ended, while ‘auto download next episode’ update means that the next episode of a boxset will automatically start to download if it is available.

The new top picks section introduces more recommendations to the current on-demand section, with the best of live, future and online video now added.

Other new features include series record, a new sports homepage, easier navigation to get to a specific point in a recorded or downloaded show, and PIN protection for online video clips.

The software update will also omproving in-home connectivity and other bug fixes.

“Sky Q is the next generation of TV viewing and the new features are about making it even easier for customers to find and watch episode after episode of their favourite TV series, the latest live sport, or the best of the web,” said Sky brand director of TV and content products, Luke Bradley-Jones.

“So whether you’re watching Ray Donovan, The Tunnel, or the start of the Premier League season, we know customers are going to love the new updates. These developments are just the start of the exciting plans we have for Sky Q this year.”

The move comes a day after Sky launched a new design for the homepage of its Sky+ connected TV platform, designed to help customers discover “even more TV to watch”.

Sky released its high-end home entertainment system, Sky Q, in the UK and Ireland in February, having first unveilied the service at a launch event last November.

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