Sky LogoSky has confirmed details of its latest price rises, due 1st June 2016, which will see many packages going up by £2 a month.
Subscribers with the Original TV bundle will see a rise of between £1 and £2.50 per month, or £24 and £30 per year (dependent on the amount they currently pay), while those with the Variety, Family or newly launched Sky Q or Sky Q Silver bundle will see bills go up by £2 per month – or £24 per year.

The price of Sky Movies is increasing by a £1 and Sky Sports will go up by £2 a month. Subscribers paying for both will see an increase of £1.50 to £36 per month. Multiroom is increasing by 75p a month.

With many viewers enjoying special deals with Sky, subscribers can now check how the changes will affect them personally by logging in to “My Sky”. Additionally, Sky says it will contact subscribers during the course of the next month via letter or email with details of the changes.

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By Expat