Sky  has very announced that price rises are on the way for both broadband and TV customers with a small change in the terms and conditions.
The changes will come into effect on April 1, the text explains, though it does not reveal what the exact figures will be.

“Sky Entertainment: £22 per month (pm) with a new 18 month minimum term,” it reads. “Standard price applies when not signing up to a new minimum term or outside of minimum term. Standard price: currently £25 pm, increasing from 1 April 2019.”

A similar note appears on the Sky Fibre packages.

Long-term Sky customers will know that this is not the first time the company has welcomed April with unwelcome price rises. Last year’s hike – also 1 April – saw a rise of 3.48%, and if replicated here would see Sky Fibre prices rise from £27 per month to around £28, and Sky Entertainment going from £22 to £23, assuming very slight rounding up.

Full details of the changes should be sent out to customers soon, but it’s worth remembering that Ofcom has rules against mid-contract price hikes and it means that customers are generally able to get out of their contract penalty free, as long as they express their wish to do so within 30 days.

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By Expat