Sky is set to release a software update for its new streaming TV just weeks after its launch following complaints from customers about “flickering” screens.

The pay-TV giant unveiled Glass last month in an attempt to put Sky at the forefront in the global battle for eyeballs, but the rollout has encountered startup issues.

Sky Community Forum customers have reported issues with a blinking square on the screen, out-of-sync audio, video lag, and uneven picture when using the ‘puck’ device that streams Glass to TVs in another room.

Some customers on the forum said they returned their TVs after being frustrated with issues with the technology.

A Sky spokesperson said there has been huge demand for Sky Glass since launch and positive reviews from many customers.

“A very small number of customers have reported flickering and we have a software update scheduled this week that will resolve this issue. We will follow as always with regular releases to add functionality and fix issues, ”he said.

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By Expat