skySky has announced plans to revise its EPG in an attempt to close gaps in the listings.
In the wake of a number of new channel launches, and other channels switching genre, a number of gaps have appeared in the EPG; the reordering seeks to resolve this issue.
The broadcaster has today opened a consultation with its channel partners on rearranging the EPG, noting that all channels will retain the same position relative to other channels in the same genre, so that new channel launches will not leapfrog over existing channels in the EPG.
Nicola Bamford, Director of Channels and Operations for BSkyB, said: “Since the last major reshuffle the TV landscape has changed considerably, and in a way which has altered the nature and composition of the EPG.

In making these changes we believe we can improve navigability for customers, make more efficient use of available channel numbers and ensure that growing genres have the flexibility they need for future expansion.”
Some of the proposed changes include the Lifestyle and Culture channels moving up from 250 to 240 in the EPG, gaming moving from 840 to 860, and religion moving from 760 to 580. Documentaries, sports and adult will not be affected.

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By Expat