skySky’s research and development team has successfully demonstrated 3D TV to an industry audience at the broadcaster’s West London HQ.
The content was delivered using Sky’s existing digital satellite platform with playback directly from a Sky+ HD set-top box on a Hyundai ‘3D Ready’ TV.
The 3D content included the recent England vs New Zealand Rugby Union Test Match, Sky1’s Gladiators, and the Ricky Hatton vs Juan Lazcano fight.
All content was filmed, produced and edited by Sky’s in-house team using Sky’s dedicated 3D TV cameras and rigs.

Gerry O’Sullivan, Sky’s Director of Strategic Product Development, said:
“Today’s breakthrough is the latest in a long line of Sky firsts since our launch 20 years ago, including the UK’s first digital TV service, the ground breaking Sky+ and the introduction of HD. Our R&D activity is all about anticipating customers’ future demands, including the potential to turn HD into 3D.”
“With another first today, we’ve demonstrated that it’s now possible to offer a “seeing-is-believing” 3DTV experience in the home, and thanks to our high-capacity satellite network and HD boxes, we have shown that Sky+ HD is already ‘3D Ready’.”

Sky was keen to emphasise that this was a technical demonstration rather than a service launch but said they had already begun working with the wider industry to establish the potential for commercial 3D services.

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By Expat