SES Astra has launched an app to help users install a satellite dish. The app is available on iOS and Android and is called ASTRA Instalación Parábola. The app aims to increase the usage of the Astra 19,2° East orbital position in Spain.

The Astra application is the ideal tool to accompany you through the steps of installation and pointing of your individual parable. It gives you the procedure to follow to realize yourself the installation of your satellite antenna. It calculates the settings and gives you the necessary indications at each stage for a quick and easy installation.

6 million households receive television and radio with a satellite dish aligned to the ASTRA satellites at 19.2 degrees East.
There are many French, German and some Spanish channels available for free.
Channels available in English are BBC World News Europe HD, Sky News International, CNN, Deutsche Welle, RT HD and Al  Jazeera English HD.

Step 1: Geolocation
Step 2: Satellite location
Step 3: Fixing the mast of the dish
Step 4: Adjusting the elevation
Step 5: Setting the azimuth
Step 6: Adjusting the incline

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