ofcomOfcom will today advertise for a second national DAB radio multiplex, as promised by the Government in 2013.
This will be the second time Ofcom has advertised an additional national multiplex, having awarded a licence to Channel 4 in 2007 to operate a second multiplex to compliment Digital One.
Channel 4 never managed to launch any of its planned stations, including E4 Radio and Channel 4 Radio.

Digital One is now full with 11 mono stations broadcasting at low bit-rates and just three stations broadcasting in stereo. With an additional multiplex, there will be room for either more radio stations or higher quality existing stations.

Applicants for “Digital Two” are thought to include Arqiva, owners of D1, and the UK’s biggest commercial radio operator, Global Radio. The closing date for receiving applications is 3pm on Thursday 30 October 2014.
The advertisement comes on the same day as an updated Broadcast Digital Radio Technical Code and Guidance, which now includes DAB+.

The Technical Code and associated documents are in place to ensure that licensed services achieve at least a minimum standard of technical quality, do not cause interference to other licensed services and seek to ensure interoperability with other services and receivers.

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By Expat