bbc-trustThis is the second public consultation on proposals from BBC management to close BBC Three as a broadcast channel and reinvent it online; launch a BBC One +1 channel; evolve BBC iPlayer; and extend the hours of CBBC.

We published our provisional conclusions in June (see below), and gave provisional approval to the plans for BBC Three, BBC iPlayer and CBBC, but provisionally rejected the proposal for BBC One +1. We also proposed a number of conditions to our approval of the plans for BBC Three and BBC iPlayer, which took account of the views we received during our first public consultation.

The conditions we have proposed for BBC Three are designed to address our concerns about the short-term impact of the change on younger audiences and on the ability of the BBC to try out new ideas and develop new talent (for example, presenters or actors). The proposed conditions are as follows:

  • A gradual and well-managed transition from the closure of the broadcast TV service to an online-only service, to raise awareness of the change
  • All long-form programmes commissioned for BBC Three to be broadcast on BBC One or BBC Two on a continuing basis
  • Clearer commitments to broadcast programmes on BBC One and/or BBC Two that appeal to a younger audience
  • A commitment to programme slots on broadcast television (not just on BBC Three online) where creative risks can be taken with new talent and new ideas of the sort that BBC Three has been successful in developing in the past

We asked the BBC management to provide further, detailed information on the impacts of these proposed conditions (see Executive Response below).
We welcome views from the public and stakeholders on our provisional decision and on the appropriateness of the conditions we have proposed.
We have set out below a number of questions to which we are specifically seeking your thoughts but also welcome more general comments.
While we have summarised our provisional conclusions here you are advised to read the them in full before answering these questions.

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