Red Rock star Sean Mahon rubbed shoulders with the stars before accepting his role in the new TV3 soap. The Dublin-born actor appeared with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on the set of Mr And Mrs Smith and played Philomena Lee’s long lost son in the award-winning film about her life.

He said: “In terms of recognition last year or the year before I was in Philomena playing Judi Dench’s son but I have done smaller parts in bigger movies like Zero Dark 30, The Hulk and Mr And Mrs Smith.

“I met Brad on set as the one scene I had was with him so I spent three or four days working on that with him.

“I’ve done scenes with Naomi watts and Sean Penn and when you are in that world over there you do work with these people.

“There is always the initial thing of putting the idea in your head with the person in front of you but you have to – the stakes are so high on these things that you have to do your job and do it well so very quickly it becomes normal.”

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By Expat