RIYADH – Reports confirmed that the countdown for launching the largest Saudi Arabian sports channels (BBS Sports) as an attempt to put an end to Qatar’s monopoly for the global and continental championships on the “beIN Sports channel” has begun.

Chairman of Saudi Media City Muflih al-Hafatah was quoted saying, “one channel will be launched initially as a promotional platform for the network, and with the beginning of the new season there will be 5 channels which will gradually increases to become 11 channels.”

Al-Hafatah confirmed that the channel, which will be released soon, will be free – if allowed by international laws – stressing that the channel will not be encrypted.

UAE newspaper Gulf News quoted Saudi lawyer Majid Gharoub as confirming that the new Arab television network would end Qatar’s monopoly for the (2018 and 2022) World Cups, the European, Asian and African Cups, and the European, Asian and African Championships.

German news agency DPA said that a team had been formed within the new sports channel, from 10 Arab countries, including (Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco, Libya, Bahrain and Oman).


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By Expat