Satellite Radio

There are many UK radio stations broadcasting via Satellite to the United Kingdom, however, these are aimed at home users for playback through their televisions since these same satellites are also used for television broadcast and usually use SES’ Astra series of satellites at 28.2° east. Radio stations broadcast free-to-air via the Sky and Freesat from Sky platforms and on any DVB-S /S2 compliant satellite receiver. The Freesat platform has all the BBC’s national and regional digital radio stations as well as BBC London on the EPG as does Sky.

BBC Radio on satellite (Astra 2 at 28.2° East)
Codec: MPEG Audio layer 1/2 (mpga)
Sample rate: 48000 Hz
Bitrates vary from 96 kbps Mono – 192 kbps Joint-Stereo.

BBC World Service in Europe
The BBC World Service is also available on the following satellites:
Astra 1 at 19.2° East
BBC World Service Europe (96 kbps Mono)
Eutelsat Hotbird 13° East
BBC World Service Europe (192 kbps Joint-Stereo)
BBC World Service Middle East (192 kbps Joint-Stereo).


  British Radio on satellite (Astra 2 at 28.2° East)
  Station Bitrate Audio Description
  BBC Radio 1 192 kbps Joint-Stereo  
  BBC Radio 1 Xtra 160 kbps Joint-Stereo  
  BBC Radio 2 192 kbps Joint-Stereo  
  BBC Radio 3 192 kbps Joint-Stereo  
  BBC Radio 4 FM 192 kbps Joint-Stereo  
  BBC Radio 4 LW 96 kbps Mono  
  BBC Radio 4 Extra 128 kbps Mono  
  BBC Radio 5 Live 96 kbps Mono  
  BBC Radio 5 SX 96 kbps Joint-Stereo  
  BBC 6 Music 160 kbps Joint-Stereo  
  BBC Asian Network 128 kbps Joint-Stereo  
  BBC World Service 96 kbps Mono  
  BBC Radio Scotland 128 kbps Joint-Stereo  
  BBC Radio N Gàidheal  128 kbps Joint-Stereo  
  BBC Radio Wales 128 kbps Joint-Stereo  
  BBC Radio Cymru 128 kbps Joint-Stereo  
  BBC Radio Cymru 2 128 kbps Joint-Stereo  
  BBC Radio Ulster 128 kbps Joint-Stereo  
  BBC Radio Foyle 128 kbps Joint-Stereo  
  BBC Radio London 128 kbps Joint-Stereo  
  Absolute Radio 128 kbps Joint-Stereo  
  Absolute 80s 128 kbps Joint-Stereo  
  Absolute 90s 128 kbps Joint-Stereo  
  (Absolute) Classic Rock 128 kbps Joint-Stereo  
  BFBS Radio  128 kbps Joint-Stereo  
  Capital UK 160 kbps  Joint-Stereo  
  Capital Xtra 160 kbps Joint-Stereo  
  Classic FM 192 kbps Joint-Stereo  
  Desi Radio 96 kbps Mono  
  EWTN 128 kbps Joint-Stereo  
  Gold 160 kbps Joint-Stereo  
  GN Radio 128 kbps Joint-Stereo  
  Heart London 160 kbps Joint-Stereo  
  Heart Dance 160 kbps Joint-Stereo   
  Heart 80s 160 kbps Joint-Stereo  
  Heart 90s  160 kbps Joint-Stereo  
  Hits Radio 160 kbps Joint-Stereo  
  Jazz FM 160 kbps Joint-Stereo  
  Kiss 128 kbps Joint-Stereo  
  Kanshi Radio 128 kbps Mono  
  Khushkhabri 96 kbps Mono  
  LBC 128 kbps Joint-Stereo  
  LBC News 128 kbps Joint-Stereo  
  Liberty 128 kbps Joint-Stereo  
  Magic 128 kbps Joint-Stereo  
  Panjab Radio 128 kbps Joint-Stereo  
  Planet Rock 160 kbps Joint-Stereo  
  Radio X 160 kbps Joint-Stereo  
  Rainbow 64 kbps Mono  
  Scala Radio  192 kbps Joint-Stereo   
  Solar Radio 128 kbps Joint-Stereo  
  Smooth Radio 160 kbps Joint-Stereo  
  Smooth Extra 160 kbps  Joint-Stereo  
  Sukh Sagar 96 kbps Mono  
  talkSPORT 64 kbps Mono  
  Trans World Radio (TWR) 64 kbps Mono  
  Virgin Radio 192 kbps Joint-Stereo  
  WRN Europe 64 kbps Mono  
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