Rio OlympicsThe Olympic Broadcasting Services will record and air 8K video coverage with 22.2 channel surround sound as well as VR.
Over 130 hours of the total 7,000 hours of footage shot will be in 8K Super Hi-Vision meaning 7680 x 4320 resolution pictures. These will be broadcast across the globe to Japan where it can be enjoyed by anyone who has shelled out the £100,000 for the only commercially available 8K TV, made by Sharp. The 22.2 channel immersive audio will only be broadcast with the 8K signal to Japan.

The idea here is for Japan to get in test runs of 8K broadcasting ahead of its hosting of the Olympics in 2020. That event is also expected to feature holographic displays on events as markers, unlike anything used before.

The broadcast company OBS will also be downscaling to 4K as well as testing High Dynamic Range and Wider Colour Gamut recordings. It’s not expected to air any of this footage though. The entire event will be shot in Full HD with 5.1 surround sound for general broadcasting.

However, there will be virtual reality footage captured. The opening and closing ceremonies plus one event per day will be available to watch in VR. This will be available to watch via a download of the content.

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By Expat