Spain’s industry ministry has given residents in 2,413 Spanish towns until 11 February to complete the latest DTT migration before switching off transmissions in the 694-790 MHz band. The period of simulcasting is due to end in 29 geographical areas on 03 March, starting with Ibiza, Guipuzcoa, Lugo, Mallorca, Segovia, Soria, Valladolid and parts of Leon and Rioja on 11 February.

Around 8 million homes are set to be affected by the new digital dividend plan that will see the 700 MHz band released for 5G mobile services by the EU deadline of 30 June 2020. A total of EUR 150 million in grants has been made available to pay for the migration at cost of around EUR 20 to EUR 25 per household.

Source: Telecom.paper

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