RadiocentreRadiocentre today unveiled a new report outlining its vision for the future of commercial radio.
The industry body for commercial radio’s new policy document Radio. Connecting Past and Future, proposes new ways of working with Government, Ofcom and the BBC so radio can continue to thrive.

This paper summarises where the commercial radio industry is today and lays out a vision for the future. It examines the challenges and opportunities presented by technology and changing consumer behaviour.
There are 340 licensed commercial radio stations in the UK, twice as many as 20 years ago.
It is a highly competitive market, generating over £575m in revenues each year. 34 million people (63% of the UK population) listen to commercial radio’s mix of music, news, travel and local information every week.
Challenges facing the medium include increasing competition for people’s time; the continuing growth of online advertising; the mighty market share of the BBC (55%); out-dated regulation; and the costs and opportunities of growing digital radio.

Read the full report:

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