Pulped, a free direct-to-consumer online video channel designed for Gen Z and millennial audiences has launched with a range of all-original programming offering a blend of scripted and unscripted comedic video series.

“There is no shortage of content options or platforms, but what is missing is entertainment that embraces and celebrates the rebellious, provocative and diverse experiences of young adults in a raw and authentic way,” said Julian Nott, founder and CEO of Pulped.

“Television formats haven’t changed much since the 1980s, but young viewers have. They want edgy content that fully reflects their interest in alternative lifestyles and their increasingly libertarian attitudes towards the world around them. They also want fast-paced storytelling because there’s always something else to watch and somewhere else to be.”

Several of the video series were beta tested on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube beginning in mid-April. Since then, the videos have collectively achieved nearly 10 million views and 68 million social media impressions, according to the company.

“There is plenty of audacious content on the internet, most of it user-generated,” Nott said. “Pulped‘s mission is to feed the unique programming demands of today’s audiences with professionally produced, high-quality content and no fear of conventional mores.”

Pulped’s original programming comprises primarily bite-sized, shareable videos and clock in at just one to 15 minutes apiece, with several longer-form series and specials. New episodes are posted weekly and fall into one or more of the site’s seven categories: Dating, comedy, fiction, reality, lifestyle, NSFW and game shows. There are 12 series available on the site encompassing more than 50 individual episodes. The videos run commercial free with limited ads featured on the homepage.

Website: https://pulped.com

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By Expat