project-canvasProject Canvas has added a list of Frequently Asked Questions to its growing website in a further display of openness towards industry and consumers.
The project – recently panned by TV industry body the DTG for a lack of openness – is backed by the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Five, BT and Talk Talk.

They want to create an open access platform to complement Freeview and Freesat which will enable video and other services to be accessed via broadband through a hybrid set-top box which can also receive broadcast TV.
The new post adds: “We’ve received a lot of requests for further information about specific aspects of the work currently being carried out by the partners. Since the majority were focussed on a small number of common themes, we’ve put together the Q&A below which addresses the main areas of interest.”

The FAQ explains the Canvas idea of an open platform, offers a role for the Open Source software community, the EPG, the role of ISPs, Canvas applications on PCs, and the project’s relationship with other hybrid TV standards projects.

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By Expat