astra2g-arrival8Preparations for the launch of the European satellite Astra 2G scheduled for November 28 are continuing at the Baikonur space center, Alexander Shmygov, a spokesman for the Khrunichev research and production space center, told Interfax-AVN.
“All work is going according to schedule,” Shmygov said in commenting on online reports alleging that the satellite’s launch could be postponed to a later date.

A Briz-M upper stage to put the satellite into orbit was delivered to a fuelling station on Friday, and its high-pressure tanks are to be fueled on Saturday, Shmygov said.

A number of Internet reports suggested earlier that the companies providing insurance coverage for the upcoming launch had proposed that it be postponed, considering that a Briz-M upper stage used in the previous launch of an Express-AM6 satellite had placed it into the wrong orbit.

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By Expat