EdgewareSTOCKHOLM, Sweden – Edgeware, the pioneer of TV Content Delivery technology, has been selected by Hong Kong’s PCCW to deliver 4K VoD content to its pay-TV service, Now TV and Now Player app, as well as HD content to ViuTV’s mobile OTT service. ViuTV is a free TV service provided by PCCW in Hong Kong. The content streams are being delivered simultaneously over a single dedicated delivery network using Edgeware’s unique TV Delivery Server technology.

PCCW has selected Edgeware to deliver UHD content to the Now TV because its Content Delivery technology and IPTV-specific configuration delivers 4K content simply and quickly. By deploying server hardware designed solely for the delivery of TV services rather than generic cache servers modified for video, PCCW can deliver 4K content with no additional resources or power, giving audiences an amazing TV experience with no glitches, no buffering and no delays.

Keith Huang, VP product management, technology and operations at PCCW, said: “Our viewers’ experience is paramount, especially for live-streamed content. IP-delivered content should be in sync with the same content being broadcast traditionally. By using Edgeware’s Delivery Server platform we can limit any delays, even when distributing 4K content.”

By adopting Edgeware TV Delivery Server, IPTV operators can discover how the unique and scalable three-layer architecture lets them deliver services without the delays sometimes associated with IP-delivered TV. The solution lets PCCW benefit from low-latency and cost effective scalability while also giving insights into the viewing experience and network performance using Edgeware’s built-in analytics.

“Edgeware’s TV Delivery system is so well suited to deliver 4K IPTV services because of the scalability of the infrastructure,” said Joachim Roos, CEO of Edgeware. “UHD resolutions do take up more bandwidth within the network but the beauty is that the system doesn’t need any additional adjustments because our technology is specifically designed for the delivery of TV services. This means we can easily deliver an amazing TV experience for our customers’ viewers – live or on demand – no matter the resolution.”

PCCW has been delivering 4K content to Now TV and HD content to ViuTV’s OTT service since April 2016.

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