Samsung PanelLooking to arrive at a standard of performance for new generation 4K Ultra HDTVs with high dynamic range (HDR) and a wide color gamut, Samsung recently commissioned the development of a new Ultra HD HDR Reference Test Disc and corresponding PC-based work flow to help product reviewers, professional calibrators and others properly test and evaluate new products coming to market.

Prior to presenting the disc to invited attendees, Samsung provided a Q-&-A panel session with a number of TV experts from Samsung, along with Florian Freidrich, television technology expert, who developed the workflow and test patterns used to calibrate the HDR-10 protocol accurately.

Among many other things, the disc uses motion in test patterns to get around the problem of where most HDR-capable TVs automatically begin to ramp down peak brightness levels a few seconds after achieving them in order to safe guard against damaging the panel lighting system in LED LCD TVs or the self-emissive screen in OLED displays.

The discussion was led by Chris Chinnock, principal of InSight Media, a display technology research firm, and included [pictured at top from left]: Steve Panosian, responsible for product marketing management at Samsung Electronics America; Gerard Catapano, Samsung QA Lab director; Jason Hartlove, CEO of Nanosys, Samsung’s partner in quantum dot development; and Freidrich.

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By Expat