Panasonic-TV-Ultra-HD-Full-LED-DX900-Ultra-HD-PremiumThe new 4K ultra HD TV ranges, of which there are five in total, all come with larger screen sizes, premium design features, Ultra HD Premium certification from the UHD Alliance (In the case of two of them) and a number of other powerful specs.

Starting with the company’s flagship TV, the new DX900, Panasonic has offered up one seriously powerful piece of 4K HDR home entertainment technology which seems like it could easily be a powerful rival to most of the better-known, top-shelf Sony and Samsung HDR 4K models for this year.

The inclusion of “Ultra HD Premium” certification in these new 4K TVs should mean that the specific models with the label given to them can offer black levels of at least 0.02% and stunningly high peak brightness levels of 1000 nits (cd/m2) or more. Samsung’s 2016 SUHD TVs offer these specs with brightness levels of 1400 nits or more and black levels well below 0.02 nits and Sony’s latest XBR-Z 4K HDR TVs manage the same. We’ll have to see further down the road how well Panasonic’s DX-Series models compare to such powerhouse specs. At the very least however, if these new TVs are UHD Alliance certified for Ultra HD Premium, then at a minimum they must offer the above 1000 nit/0.02 nit contrast range and also deliver wide color gamut with 10-bit color and at least 90% DCI-P3 advanced digital cinema color space coverage.

In any case, all of the new TVs come with Panasonic’s latest version of the Firefox OS smart TV platform integrated into them and come with ergonomically and aesthetically inspired physical designs according to Panasonic.

Furthermore, the new 4K TV models come with the company’s Hexa Chroma Drive chipset for superb levels of picture quality rendering, HDR calibration and non-4K content upscaling that works at enhancing lower resolution video sources.

For 2016, Panasonic has of course introduced the above-mentioned flagship HDR Ultra HD Premium 4K TV models but in addition to them, 12 other TV models have been released with somewhat weaker specs. These include three more 4K TV models in the form of the TH-55DX650S, TH-49DX650S and TH-49DX400S. The remaining TV editions beyond these five 4K TVs are all HDTVs of one type or another.

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