ofcomOfcom, the UK telecommunications regulator and DTG member this week published plans to “safeguard the future of digital terrestrial television while ensuring the UK can meet the growing demand for mobile broadband.”

The plans are laid out in three documents, which were as follows:

  • A discussion document titled ‘The Future of Free to View TV’
  • A mobile data strategy document
  • A consultation titled ‘Consultation on future use of the 700 MHz band.’

The proposals in the consultation are aimed at dodging another switchover for free-to-air TV services whilst giving business and consumers faster and cheaper internet on the move. One of the potential options to achieve this includes clearing 700HMz for LTE services by 2022.

The regulator does show support for the free-to-air DTT delivered services from Freeview and Freesat and agrees that it “remains very popular with all sections of the population” but caveats this by adding that the “current free-to-air television platforms will only remain popular in the long-term if they evolve in terms of the range of content and functionality on offer, in line with wider market developments.”

In the ‘Future of Free to View TV’ document, Ofcom calls on the Industry to drive the evolution of free-to-view services delivered by DTT.

The discussion document states that Ofcom “would like to see the industry drive a long-term strategy for FTV television that includes a credible upgrade path for DTT. While we recognise that Ofcom and Government may need to play a role, the industry is best placed to take action to meet the challenges we have set out, by combining its insights into audiences with the tools it has available.”

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