ofcomIt has been confirmed that Ofcom has issued three new “DTPS” digital terrestrial TV licences in the past month. Such licence awards are sometimes the first indication that a channel is planning to launch on Freeview.
Global Music Television Ltd, a subsidary of Global Radio, has been issued a licence for Heart TV, which is currently distributed on Sky and Freesat. Heart TV is a 24/7 TV jukebox spin-off of the radio network of the same name. Playing “more music variety”, its schedule includes Heart FM favourites such as the Time Tunnel and Club Classics.
Sister channel Capital TV is currently broadcast on the Manchester Television Network – an additional selection of Freeview channels available in parts of Greater Manchester. Manchester Television Network has recently confirmed it will be announcing further channels joining its line-up, but it is still unknown if Heart TV is one of them, or whether Heart TV is destined to be available nationally on Freeview.

Recently incorporated Fire Television Ltd was awarded the second new digital terrestrial TV licence in the past month. Based in Bournemonth, Fire Television Ltd has been given the licence for a service called “Fire Hit TV”. The company is registered at the same property as Fire Media and the Bournemouth local commercial radio station of the same name.
It’s currently unknown what type of service Fire Hit TV will be and how it will be distributed on digital terrestrial television. However, the owners of Fire Radio recently signed a deal with VidiGo for “visual radio”, which may give some clues as to the nature of the service.
UKTV’s new Drama channel, which launches next month was issued a licence and has additionally received a licence to broadcast on satellite, too.

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By Expat