ofcomOfcom has today announced the award of five new community radio licences in Peterborough, Norfolk and Suffolk.

Licences have been awarded to:

Peterborough FM (PACO Ltd)
Contact name: Dan Cissokho
Phone: 01733 564163
Email: dan@peterborough.fm
Website: www.peterborough.fm

Peterborough FM will provide a community radio service for the general population of Peterborough.

Salaam Radio (Salaam Radio Ltd) in Peterborough
Contact name: Ansar Ali
Phone: 07825 955875
Email: ansarali56@googlemail.com
Website: www.ramdhan.fm

Salaam Radio will provide a community radio service that will be predominantly for the Muslim population of Peterborough.

Brecks FM (Watton Radio Community Interest Company) in Watton, Norfolk
Contact name: Mr Roy Ivory
Phone: 01953 884266
E-mail: studio@watton-radio.co.uk
Website: http://www.watton-radio.co.uk

Brecks FM will provide a locally-focused service for the town of Watton in Norfolk, and surrounding villages.

Park Radio (Park Radio Limited) in Diss, Harleston and Eye in Norfolk
Name: Chris Moyse
Mobile: 07798 648759
E-mail: chris.moyse@googlemail.com
Website: www.parkradio.co.uk

Park Radio will serve the rural communities of Diss, Harleston and Eye and surrounding villages located near the border between Norfolk and Suffolk.

Radio Castle (Castle Community Radio CIC) in Framlingham, Suffolk
Name: Christopher Hudson
Mobile: 07986 844259
E-mail: christopherhudson@post.com
Website: www.radiocastle.com

Radio Castle will provide a service for the general population of Framlingham in Suffolk, and surrounding villages.

Community radio services are provided on a not-for-profit basis and focus on delivering specific social benefits to a local area or a community of interest. Over 200 community radio stations are broadcasting in the UK.

Community radio licences are awarded for a five-year period.

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