freesatDiSEqC 1.2 multi-satellite and advanced MHEG interactive TV are supported in the latest Freesat update from set-top box software creator Ocean Blue.
Sunrise DVB-S2 supports DiSEqC 1.2 motor control, with further upgrades due to add Unicable SCR* support and DiSEqC 3.0.
It has both Freesat-compliant and general satellite modes, and all these features would be very welcome in the Freesat G2 products expected in early 2012.

Ocean Blue said: ‘The stack has been engineered to meet the demands of the latest system architectures and will work as a stand alone product, or in a multi-process environment.’
The software also provides MHEG-5 HD support in line with both Freesat’s specifications and the DTG D-Book 6.2.1, allowing services like the BBC iPlayer and ITV Player.
SCR, or single cable routing, allows an LNB to serve multiple tuners or receivers via a single coaxial cable, without the need for a multi-output LNB or multiswitch.
DiSEqC 3.0 allows motors, LNBs and other peripherals to send feedback to the receiver, enabling features such as completely automated alignment for mobile dishes. Product support has been very rare so far, however.

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By Expat