NilesatEgypt’s Nilesat reported net profits for the first-half of this year (to June 30th) were $40.05 million (35.9m), which is down on the same period last year ($47.98 million).
Earlier this week it was confirmed that Nilesat remains the dominant supplier of channels over the MENA region at least as far as Egyptian viewers are concerned.

An Arab Advisors Group (AAG) study found that 69.4 per cent of respondents to an Egyptian-based survey said they tuned into Nilesat, while only 15.4 per cent used Arabsat. However, not mentioned by AAG is that the dominant supplier of channels is actually Eutelsat, which is co-located with Nilesat and now supplies much of the capacity from the ‘Nilesat’ orbital position.

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By Expat