Cairo-based satellite operator Nilesat is to invest $300 million in a new satellite (and its launch costs), Nilesat 301. Further details on its build and launch plans are not yet available.
The report comes fresh after news that Nilesat is to ‘partner’ with New Delhi-based Tata Communications in a new service for delivering regional media over IP-based technology.

“Leveraging Tata Communications’ Video Connect service built on the world’s most advanced fibre network, Nilesat will be able to better connect with global broadcasters for its MENA up linking to reach local subscribers with stronger reliability and rich content that is better routed through fibre. Equally, Tata Communications will leverage Nilesat’s infrastructure and coverage area,” a statement said.

Brian Morris, Vice President and General Manager of Global Media & Entertainment Services, Tata Communications said, “Emerging TV platforms coupled with the way in which media is consumed today is placing an ever-growing demand on bandwidth globally. With increasing consumer demand for high definition and real time broadcast, media providers need the ability to seamlessly extend any existing video networks to continue to enhance viewing experiences while optimising costs. We are keen to work closely with Nilesat in its bid to have a cost-effective and reliable hybrid solution for media delivery that users across the MENA region can enjoy.”

Commenting on the partnership, Hamdy Monir, CTO at Nilesat said, “As we work closely with Tata Communications, we enable more international channels to broadcast in the MENA region as well as MENA region TV channels to broadcast internationally. Regional users will also benefit from an accelerated TV format upgrade in HD, UHD, 4K and 8K.”

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