sky-solusNon-Sky subscribers who wish to keep ITV, Channel 4 and five, can now order a next generation card for a one-off payment of £23.50 for residential viewers or £105.75 for commercial use (clubs and pubs).
It’s a little over a week ago since plans for the new card were unveiled, and viewers can now phone a national rate number to order their replacement.

Orders can be placed with either a credit or debit card, but you will need your exising viewing card number handy as well. New non-subscribers can also use the service to order their next generation card as well. The residential cards will last for 2 years.

Commercial non-subscribers (such as some pubs and clubs) will have to pay £105.75 to keep ITV, Channel 4 and five.
The telephone number to call is  08700 541800

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By Expat